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Michael F. Maloon, Thomas J. Powers, Mark A. Pitre, Michelle Perry Higgins


Meet Our Advisors

California Financial Advisors is a fiduciary investment advisory firm that specializes in retirement planning and investment supervisory services. California Financial Advisors, CFA, values a long-term investment approach while catering to the unique needs of all its clients. Since the creation of the firm in 1998, CFA has been able to grow to over $1.5B in assets under management as of June 2021. As a Fiduciary firm, CFA conducts all business practices in each client’s best interest to surpass expectations. CFA has been able to grow and succeed while maintaining relationships that go beyond the quantitative data. While balancing an enjoyable client experience alongside consistently yielding profitable results, CFA has honorably been ranked in the top 10 in the US on CNBC Financial Advisory (FA) 100 for 2019 & 2020.


Michael F. Maloon

Principal & Financial Advisor

Thomas J. Powers

Principal & Financial Advisor

Mark A. Pitre

Principal & Financial Advisor

Michelle Perry Higgins

Principal & Financial Advisor

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John A. Cordano

Financial Advisor

Raymond M. Tan

Financial Advisor

Jonathan L. Becker

Financial Advisor

Ryan D. Dennehy

Financial Advisor

MM2 Headshot.jpg

Madeline E. Maloon

Financial Advisor

Kayla R. Fernandez

Financial Advisor


CFA Impact

We believe in giving back.


Our Environmental Savings Strategy

At California Financial Advisors, we know that being environmentally responsible is just as important as being fiscally knowledgeable. For this reason, we chose a LEED Certified office, constructed using environmentally sustainable building practices and with energy efficient lighting so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. We also offer all of our clients a paperless reporting option so that they can keep track of their investments without damaging the world’s forests.

Investing in the Next Generation

For over 20 years CFA has helped make its clients financial goals a reality. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained is something we’re very proud to be able to pass down to the next generation. CFA prides itself on hiring paid interns throughout the year so that young professionals can learn about financial advising strategies, ask questions, and get real career experience. We understand that today’s young adults will be tomorrow’s financial advisors, and we believe we must continue to invest in our population’s future to truly succeed.