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The CRS is our Client Relationship Summary, which provides answers to frequently asked questions about the nature of the client-fiduciary relationship and the nature of our services.


Part 2A of the form ADV which we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This form is updated once annually.

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CFA Resources

CFA Client Portal

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding our new CFA Client Portal. 

CFA Scam Brochure

CFA’s latest guidance on scam awareness and prevention.

Other Resources

Content by Michelle Perry Higgins

Checklists & Guides
Loved One's Guide - Michelle Perry Higgins.png

Everyone should fill this out for their loved ones.

Pre & Post Death Checklists Post.png

Remembering all of the things you have to do when a loved one becomes ill or passes away can be overwhelming.

This checklist will help guide you through the process.

Financial Divorce Checklist 7-19-21.png

This checklist is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind.

I hope you never have to use it!

The Everything List- Blank.png

Download & share The Everything List with your loved ones or Trustee, so if anything happens to you, they know who to call.

The Holiday Budget_edited.jpg

Download & share The Holiday Budget to stay on financial track this holiday season.


Designed to help you keep all your personal information safe and organized in one place.

Protect yourself, your family, and keep everything in one easy to access place, just in case.


All profits from book sales go to college scholarships.

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