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The CRS is our Client Relationship Summary, which provides answers to frequently asked questions about the nature of the client-fiduciary relationship and the nature of our services.


Part 2A of the form ADV which we file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This form is updated once annually.


Other Resources

Content by Michelle Perry Higgins

The Everything Binder


The Everything Binder Book, designed and created by Michelle Perry Higgins, has been designed to help you keep all your personal information safe and organized in one place--primary contacts, medical history, insurance information, private access information, estate planning, retirement details, final wishes, letters to loved ones and much more. There's even a section for your four-legged friends. Protect yourself, your family, and keep everything in one easy to access place, just in case.

College Poor No More


College is the transition stage between teenage/parent dependence and adult independence. Believe it or not, now is the time to learn money management skills. Now is the time to learn how to "just say no" to excesses you don't need, you can't afford, and if you're honest, you might not even want all that badly.

The 100 tips in this book are not complicated. Some are serious, some are tongue-in-cheek, and some just might be worth their weight in tuition gold. I bet that after you read this book, you'll feel empowered to tackle your finances with a whole new outlook. I can't lie, though--it will take discipline every day to stay on a budget and manage your finances effectively. The goal? To minimize the amount of debt you'll graduate with and help you learn the value of money.

The Everything List- Blank.png

Download & share The Everything List with your loved ones or Trustee, so if anything happens to you, they know who to call.